11 August, 2011

Dialogue with God ?!?

I have a specific complaint with Indians (pardon my targeting citizens of just the subcontinent... but here is where I've witnessed it !)

Whether it is a bhajan/kirtan session.. a puja to celebrate a festival.... or a call for that day's namaaz... or a sermon being given by a famous priest.. we have learnt to use microphones to the most....  It's as if we want to tell everyone around us what we are upto... 

I always thought connecting with god, or atleast attempting to, was a very personal intimate thing... which is why it amazes me when all of us attempt to advertise these dialogues with god...

I understand, that in today's world, everything needs publicity... from a tiny chewing gum to a man's ego...

But I am always left wondering if the communication would have been more effective the other way... Afterall, how will you get peace of mind, when you are disturbing the peace in other people's lives.....

PS: I am sorry if I hurt anyone's sentiments. That was definitely not the intention... This is just a way of finding my own peace !!!


  1. many a times i've caught myself sitting still,closing my eyes n talking. To God. just saying thank u or pls be with me now. things like that. n realized later that this is what prayer really is - dialogue with God as u rightly put

    1. True Sujatha... that's the way I choose to communicate... It is just that most people tend to choose other means..