17 February, 2006


What is success - is it earning a name and status or is it being financially well off. Is success about being rich , or is it about being recognized when you are walking on the streets !
If it is all about the money , then are the Laloo's and the Quattrocchi's of the world successful....

Besides,is there any way of measuring success. A man who doesn't have the money would consider it a success if he's able to feed himself daily. A handicapped person might consider it a success to accomplish "simple" tasks. We basically associate success with accomplishment of tasks we find tough. So each of us has a different view of what/who a success is to them depending on their weaknesses.

"Success is counted sweetest
by those who ne'er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need." ~ Emily Dickinson

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  1. damn dwitz im in luv wid ur blogz man....i mean u write so good n more over itz so organized....btw success is happiness.....if u aint happy u aint successful no matter wat......on d other hand if u happy no matter how much u eanr u will b happy.....n on d lighter side.....success is relative, d more d success d more d relativez :P.......-swoosh,http://life_rocx.rediffblogs.com