28 February, 2006


Everything in our life has a purpose..
The purpose of the seed is to help germinate,and then help in bearing fruit.
Even though the seed is finally thrown out while ebing eaten.
So what matters is our purpose in life..how does it matter what becomes of us ultimately..
Or does it ?!?


  1. debate dis.....everythin in life has a reason.....standz jus as true as everythin in life has a purpose....wotsay??? - swoosh....http://life_rocx.rediffblogs.com

  2. btw lotsa people on ur blogz now a dayz....nice....care,swoosh

  3. we all come for the purpose,when its over then bye-bye.nice blog:)

  4. jus came 2 ma mind....u wrote " even thow d seed is finally thrown out while ebin eaten"....dont u think u 4gettin dat d seed dat u throw growz in2 another tree......wotsay??? - swoosh

  5. everything has its own purpose..thats true. But then , nothing is useful permanently.. even a seed !
    Like a friend of mine said -
    Everything has its purpose,a reason... for some time, a season...

  6. well said....swoosh....

  7. well,Actually I never found a purpose in anything..........Taking it to the extreme.....what is the purpose in having a purpose all the time? By the way...I read a QUOTE somewhere..."The purpose of life is to find a life a purpose"........But then it's all purposeless:)

  8. nice quote.. the purpose of life is finding a purpose to it.
    the problem is that for most of us , one life seems to be insuffiecient to do so.
    Besides man doesnt seem to be satisfied by anything easily :)