08 February, 2006


We all keep our homes clean.. but we don’t think twice before littering the streets.
We behave our best when we are in foreign land , but as soon as we touch home , we get back to "normal".

Travelling by the Metro is amazing , not just in terms of the technology used etc but also because you actually come to realise how clean the people of Delhi can be, how well behaved and law abiding they become when they have to. But its like witnessing a metamorphosis, when the same person who didn’t even drop a piece of paper walks out of the station and spits at the exit.

What I am unable to grasp each time is that when we have it in us, to keep our environment and surroundings clean, what compels us to dirty places we visit.
Why don’t we promise ourselves... for our sake, that we will not litter around.

The change we need to make is not in people around us but ourselves.. by thinking of OUR country as HOME.

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