12 April, 2017

Word Play

We often indulge ourselves in light banter and comments, without putting much thought into the impact of those words.

However, as an after thought, one would realize that each word falls into place due to a subconscious decision to say what we wanted to say. What most of us guise of slip of the tongue or unintended remarks are more often fully intended.

31 March, 2017

The Grand Plan

We are all planners. 
Some of us try and plan the minutest detail and the others plan just the milestones. But whichever way we look at it, there is some amount of thought and 'inception' that goes into it.

A believer would say that it is all pre-ordained and part of a grand plan... Each joy, each pain, each loss and each gain... But in that moment (of happiness or gloom) it is quite difficult to identify this plan. But if that's true, what's the point of our planning? Was it all for nothing?

30 March, 2017

Our Evolution

I know this reads like a repetition, but can't afford to under-emphasise the importance of what we pick up from our environment, subconsciously.

We are all like sponges, constantly learning and unlearning from our environment. We learn at home, work, with friends, through friends and gradually, sometimes imperceptibly, change over time.

But what if the changes ultimately become drastic, and one fine day, you realise you don't like parts of what you've turned into! Then is my evolution (which is supposed to be for one's better) counter productive.

What do I manage my acquired aggression, talkativeness and flamboyance. I am wondering if it has become a part of me now.

11 March, 2017

Good wishes and Blessings

Some would call me selfish...  But somehow, I associate great value to the blessings we get...

At the end of the day, it isn't the food we eat or the air we breathe that keeps us going, it is the good wishes and blessings we get... earn... deserve that take us through the day, and life in general.

So if I see my grandmother waving her hand, I ensure it firmly lands on my head :)

07 March, 2017


A wise person once said..

"Just because my eyes don't show tears, doesn't mean I don't get hurt...
Just because I come our strong, doesn't mean that nothing went wrong...
I often choose to pretend to be happy, so that I don't need to explain to people who will never understand...
Smiling has always been easier than explaining why I am sad...."

This is so true.... 

05 March, 2017


We often put ourselves through so much pain, both physical and mental, which we face firmly, without loosing our mind, unscathed... despite the pain, we don't leave teary eyed...

And then there are days, when all it takes is a tumble, and the eyes just let go...
It's like the mind just looses control...

28 February, 2017

Anti - Social Media

As a part of evolution, looks like we are on our way to becoming more social people... not that we have suddenly started bonding with our friends or interacting with our neighbours... but by simply sharing every possible event and non-event of our life on "social" media... 

Be it Facebook, which seems to have successfully found means and ways to even ruin a special holiday by checking into the resort, or Linkedin, through which Microsoft seems to have taken on Facebook, and created a timeline of its own. What was once a professional network, and again become a sequence of posts.  Whatsapp seems to be the latest addition with its segment on latest status update.

Despite creating the misnomer called being a "social" animal, as a society, we seem to be lonelier, more cut off from not just friends but even family. We claim to be extroverts, shouting out to the world, without realizing we aren't even capable of listening to ourselves most of the times. It is as if we are telling the world, with the hope that someone will respond....... 

It might be time to build back the bridges of actual communication. Meet the people you care about. Touch them. Or atleast Talk or Write to them. Don't let them feel hostage of this new age of social media (which increasingly sounds to be an oxymoron to me).

At the end of the day, they won't remember that you posted a selfie taken with them at a party. What they will remember is what you said to them.